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  •  Your breeding ewe flock is an asset with considerable value:

    One of my best clients once said to me "your breeding ewe flock is the most valuable asset on the farm". Is yours?

    This client is appreciative of the fact that it's taken years to get a high-performing ewe flock together. Years of astute selection of both rams and ewe replacements has been involved. Diligent culling and selection criteria have been formulated to achieve ongoing genetic gains necessary to generate stock suitable for the farm environment and management practices imposed on them. 

So what are the factors contributing to increased asset value that the accountant may not readily appreciate. How about :

  • greater returns for the same level of inputs
  • ewes that a well adapted to your property; they can stand the challenges of climatic extreme weather conditions
  • ewes which are capable of quickly responding to favourable Autumn grass growth in order to go to the ram in ideal mating weights and condition score
  • ewes that can maintain condition through Winter and respond in Spring to adequately feed two good lambs to ideal weaning weights while maintaining their own healthy condition
  • low death rates, high lamb survival
  • having sheep that do not require excessive time spent dagging, attending to fly-struck lambs and footrooting  
  • having consistant lines of sheep without a string of tail-enders
  • sheep that always look good, which are a pleasure to farm.

Dolomite Perendales rams will assist you to achieve these rewards. 

Ongoing genetic gains are required:

Key components for higher sheep performance: superior genetics plus management decisions which allow stock to optimize their production potential.

Production: some say “its 10% breeding and 90% feeding”. Or is it “50% breeding and 50% feeding”?

Whatever is your belief as to the correct weighting, it is a combination of the two which brings results. The process which expands both sides of the equation will ‘raise the bar’ with respect to sheep performance.

But one thing is certain. If you do not have a decent ewe flock you will struggle to produce prime lambs in good numbers whether terminal sires are used or not.

A lot of time, effort and costs are involved with improved feeding. For those buying rams, not nearly as much time, effort and costs are involved with the 'improved breeding' side of the equation. Leave that to the stud breeder. So the key here is to make sure you are locked in with a progressive breeder who is making ongoing genetic gains. 

SIL graphs on genetic gains clearly show  the Dolomite Perendale Stud is making progress for the ongoing benefit of clients.  

'Partnership' to a more rewarding future:
Do you want to build a closer relationship with your ram breeder?

Ken Elliott, owner of the Dolomite Perendale Stud, has devoted a great deal of effort into breeding better sheep. He also has an interest in seeing sheep flocks optimize their production by improved management. 

Ken graduated with a M.Agr.Sc in animal science from Massey University and spent his early years as a research scientist. Later he gained a Ph.D in management systems from Lincoln University. He has been actively involved in Perendale sheep breeding and farming on the Banks Peninsula for 25 years.

"I like to be personally involved in assisting clients pick their rams".

 "Its a real pleasure to visit  the farms of clients to more fully appreciate their management objectives and practices".

 "I would like to think that we are working in a 'partnership' to a more rewarding future".
A special thanks to existing clients and new clients who collectively helped rams sales to increase by 15% in the 2007/8 season. This in a year when most studs have been experiencing reduced sales. It's a vote of confidence in Dolomite Perendales. Clients are liking what they are getting.

Special thanks also to the bidders on Dolomite rams at the Gore Stud Ram Fair. Our best price to-date of $7,500 was achieved in 2009 following on from $6,900 in 2007.


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