Dolomite Perendales Akaroa New Zealand Dolomite Perendales Akaroa New Zealand
Dolomite Perendales Akaroa New Zealand
Dolomite Perendales  
The Dolomite Perendale Stud  >>
Cold winters and the potential for summer droughts has taught me the necessity to have tough sheep which perform to expectations.
  • Breeding objectives
  • Stud location and environment
  • Group breeding scheme membership setting high goals for continued genetic improvement
Ram sale information  >>
Due to expanding sheep numbers new ram buying clients are welcome.

Dolomite Perendales has a strong Bank Peninsula client base with good numbers going to other South Island regions.
  • Special needs of North Island clients catered for
  • Sale Catalogue information
  • Enquiries / Bookings
Recording and Performance  >>
‘Performance is the one and only sound yard-stick with which to measure the worth of a sheep, and this emphasizes the importance of full records in a stud flock’.
  • Studfax records and Sheep Improvement Limited (SIL) genetic analysis
  • Current emphasis on ewe efficiency for lamb production, lamb growth rates, muscle scanning and parasite resistance.
Profitable Sheep Farming  >>
Key components for higher sheep performance: superior genetics plus management decisions which allow stock to optimize their production.
  • Your breeding ewe flock is an asset with considerable value 
  • Ongoing genetic gains required
  • Partnership to a more rewarding future
  •  Stud news
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